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If anybody could offer their opinion I would be pleased. I am very new at this.

I have seen that you can purchase a variable zoom eyepiece. They seem to have range from about 8mm to 24mm. Are these any good. I suspect their may be a trade off in quality but if they are reasonably good I think it would be very useful. I do realise I may need to pop a fixed one in to get the best view but their does seem to be a lot of searching before settling on final subject. A zoom would seem to make that easier, well hopefully!

I have Startravel 102 SynScan AZ GOTO 102mm Refractor. I am not sure how good the eyepieces that come with it are but they are 10mm and 22mm.

Although I have managed to see moons of Jupiter and Saturns rings I did think the quality would have been better.

I never noticed how many people have security lights. I think my neighbour must have a 1500w lamp in his that seems to be aimed at my back garden.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am happy to spend money if it will improve things.

Thank you


  • I use a range of fixed eyepieces ranging from 4mm to 25mm wide angle, there are a few good zoom eyepieces out there, i imagine it saves taking lots of stuff everytime you go gazing :-*
  • Thanks djbozz
    It's the sort of thing I would like to try before you buy! But thats not gonna happen.

    Anybody got one/ used one?

  • pm sent :D
  • I use a SkyWatcher 7-21mm Zoom eyepiece all the time, very good, and it even works viewing the solar limb using the PST Hydrogen Alpha scope.

  • Thanks Guys

    Think my mind is made up. Time to get my flexible friend out.

  • or you could pay with a card lol ;;)
  • I tried my 7-21mm zoom eyepiece last night. Very nice it was to. Don't regret buying it. Thanks for the advise from all.

    Now...my telescope. Having trouble seeing any M items. Am I hoping for to much. I have the skywatcher 102mm Goto. Its a nice piece of kit but I think maybe an 8" would have been a better buy. H'mmm how to I explain that to my dear wife.

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    You know you need this Graham just tell her your saving money in the long run lol
  • Karl
    I see you have had quite a few scopes. What did you finally settle on or is final not the right word for you, should I say current? lol.

    Looking at peoples posts and opinions + any photo's they tweet I really wish I had gone for an 8" reflector. When I look at Saturn with my 102" I can see the separation between planet and rings but it is tiny. I would at least like to see the gap in the rings.

    At the moment I feel the SkyWatcher 200p would be ideal but then there is the question of mount! A 200p is not to prohibitive on cost but add the mount it quite a lot.

    Still not meaning to moan on about it. I am really enjoying watching it all go on above me and using the iPad star walk app I can find my way around quite well.

    Let me know what you use if you get a moment.

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    Hi Graham i have 8" skywatcher dob S/H from Ebay and a sykwatcher 127mak from new
    Loads of bins from 10x25 upto 20x80 celestrons and are my favs.

    I have 2 mounts, 2 tripods, dslr camrea, and a lot of time on my hands.
    The dobsonian is very good for views but no good for camrea work and takes up a lot of room when not in use
    i use the mak127 most because it's nice and small but you get good veiws with it.
    i love the 20x80 celestrons but only with the tripod.
    Im saving up for a Sky-Watcher Skymax-180 PRO
    it helps if you have an understanding wife lol
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    Hi Graham download stellarium from www.stellarium.org/ fantastic bit of kit and it's free.
  • Hi Karl
    Just downloading Stellarium as I type this!

    Thanks for taking the type to list everything. I might have a look at E-bay

    My wife does understand me...thats the problem...she understands me very very well. :)
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